BCC Scholarship - Continuing Students

BCC Scholarship – Continuing Students Selection Criteria:
1. Applicants must be degree-seeking and full-time enrolled students
2. Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents
3. Applicants must have a Tech cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher
4. Applicants can be enrolled in any major
5. Applicants must be enrolled in full-time hours (unless a graduating senior)
6. Additional Considerations:
• Demonstrated leadership qualities in community service, extracurricular and other activities
• History of overcoming unique challenges
• Member of an underrepresented minority or ethnic group
• Member of a low-income family, reside in a rural, or inner-city community
• Retention and progress toward graduation

Supplemental Questions
  1. Short Essay Questions for BCC Scholarship - the questions below are for currently enrolled Louisiana Tech students to complete. Submit short essay answers (50-word minimum to 150-word maximum/question) for each of the following questions in the space provided below. We are looking forward to reading well thought out personalized answers to the questions. The committee is looking to see how you can articulate in writing your understanding of the concepts below.
    • What BCC-sponsored programs have you participated in, and how have your academic and social experiences been enhanced?
    • What has been your biggest academic challenge, and how have you addressed it?
    • What type of programs do you believe would be most beneficial for students at Louisiana Tech University?